At Soundworks Music, we value creativity, inclusivity & diversity. Weoffer diverse guitar tutoring which is tailored for each individual basedon the preference of style & genre along with aligning corefundamentals of the instrument.

Our teachers are qualified vocal practitioners and have several years ofindustry experience. They are highly skilled in the design, delivery &assessment of music learning programs.



During lessons, you can expect to: –
Begin your journey by learning the key parts of the guitar and get toknow the lexicon and definitions commonly used such as fingernames, notes of the strings etc.

  • Learn a vast collection of chords beginning with one finger andopen chords then, working up to building the strength to harnessbar chords,7ths and much more.
  • Learn single note melodies from common guitar classics (riffs) todevelop dexterity and accuracy.
  • Work on selected repertoire specific to the student to coupletechnique and theory along with passion and enjoyment on theguitar.
    Learn vital picking exercises and strumming patterns to set you upto play any song.
  • Blend in music theory teachings and how it relates to guitar andhow we can use it to our advantage when playing.
  • Learn how to practice scales & arpeggios efficiently with ametronome.
    See how the guitar is one of the few instruments which a ‘pattern-based’ approach.


We adopt an evidence-based teaching approach. Our teachers set goals with each student early in the learning process. The lessons are
designed to help students achieve those goals through the learning outcomes for each session.

We use a range of delivery methods and resources to develop your technique & musical expression. Guitar tab and slash rhythm notation is the primary method in which visual information will be delivered however learning to read music notation is also an option.



Our teachers will also support you as you develop practice habitswhich will help you build muscle memory and nuance like behaviourson the guitar so you can just ‘play’.

Our teachers are actively involved in the industry through theperformance, composition, arrangement & recording of music. Theywork with various music styles including Blues Jazz, RnB, Pop, Rock &Soul.