Voice & Soul – Boot Camp

A 10-week program designed to challenge and elevate musical theatre performers. It’s a short course for aspiring actors!

Musical theatre is all about storytelling through song. Developing a deep connection with the script and engaging an audience is critical for delivering a high-impact performance.

During this short course, you will be able to:

  • Build a portfolio of musical theatre repertoire
  • Refine audition techniques and get in the zone
  • Strengthen vocal technique for speech
  • Interpret music with heightened emotion & use of your body
  • Develop your storytelling ability with one-on-one coaching in acting technique & stagecraft

Our industry-experienced teachers will empower you to command the stage through each singing & acting workshop. Click the link below for further information & prepare to ace your next audition!

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The Actor’s Den

“It is not enough to discover the secret of a play, its thought and feelings—the actor must be able to convert them into living terms.” – Konstantin Stanislavski

An actor must express the desires & objectives of a character with clarity, authenticity & integrity. There are many methods and processes to developing a character, finding meaning within a script & storytelling with absolute conviction & truthfulness.

Whether you’re preparing for your next audition, working on a script or wanting to develop your confidence with public speaking, we are here to support you through that journey. Our acting teachers have worked on many stages & film sets across Australia & New Zealand, they will guide you through the preparation & rehearsal for any role.

One-on-one coaching offered for scene work, monologues, voiceovers & public speaking. Click the link below to request further information on our weekly classes & register your interest.

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